A large and private car parking is available to our guests, to get a security holiday.

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Hotel Ai Due Leoni

Via G. Verdi, 55/57, 34072 Farra d'Isonzo, GORIZIA, - ITALY

- 2 km from Gradisca d'Isonzo
- 11 km from Gorizia with your castle and museum of big war
- 15 km from Slovenia and Hit Casinos;
- 30 km from Udine;
- 2 km from highway exit Gorizia-Villesse;
- 35 km from Trieste;
- 45 km from Grado;
- Airport Trieste to 10 km;
- Airport Treviso to 100 km;
- Airport Venezia to 80 km;
- State line Slovenia to 8 km;
- State line Austria to 100 km;

Our place

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Frequented by a broad international clientele, the hotel offers the possibility of fishing in the adjacent Isonzo river, visiting the prestigious local wine cellars that are famous throughout the world for their splendid wines, letting oneself be coddled amidst the sober architecture of Hapsburg Gorizia or in the more mundane amusement of the casinos in nearby Slovenia. Without mentioning the historic monument of Redipuglia, the astronomical observatory, regal Trieste with its evocative castle at Miramare and romantic Aquileia, with its fantastic archaeological remains that blend into the romantic lagoon of Grado.

Restaurant and garden due leoni